08 October 2007


Came across this picture of the increasingly immobile-faced Nicole Kidman on - maybe the superficial?

It's rare, in the current age of tacky-ass strangely shaped clothing, that I see any fashion that I like being worn by an actual human. I see runway models (not entirely human) and I see photographs and store dummies with clothes I like, but it is just very unusual for me to see a person wearing something and for me to think: GORGEOUS outfit!

but when I saw Ms Kidman in this lovely white dress, I thought: GORGEOUS dress. I like the ruffle detail at the waist. Not a good place to add volume, I know, but she's so slim she can make it work. I'm not 100% crazy about the asymmetrical neckline but I like the overall silhouette of this dress. I'm not sure if you can see her slip (oh mary! your slip is showing!), or if it's an underskirt kind of thing, but either way: this is a lovely gown. and weirdly enough, the color is great for her.

Just don't look too closely at her face. It's like staring into a pool of wax.

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