14 November 2007

sexiest man ....are you kidding me???

cnn.com reports that people magazine has selected its latest "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE."

and that man is...............

Matt Damon?


are you kidding me?

to whom is Matt Damon the sexiest man alive, besides maybe some 14 year old girls? Does Matt Damon shave yet? What is sexy about him? He's like the least sexy man out there. He's cute, for sure, but in a totally toothless, unsexy way.
I spend my days on a college campus. Every day, I see 19 and 20 year old boys who look like this. And I think: "cute, but just a kid."
Looking like you're still going through puberty is not sexy. sorry, but it isn't. What has Matt Damon ever done that was sexy?

Here are some examples of sexy, like real, actual, SEXXXY:

Rufus Wainwright. Youthful, yes, but he's got a little smolder about him. You can imagine him actually getting down and dirty. Matt Damon, I imagine him looking at Playboy and giggling about boobies.

Johnny Depp. A Classic. My own mother loves him. 10 year old girls love him. Wide appeal. He's got the smolder, too. And he seems like the sort of person who would be amazing in bed AND make you laugh. This is an unbeatable combination, in my book. And he's aged astonishingly well: this is an actual, grown-up man, not a boy.

And here we have Gale Harold, who has a most unfortunate name, but is quite the sexy man. I know him from Queer as Folk, which has - oh, probably HOURS - of screen time with Gale shirtless and/or naked. This guy has one hot body, and I'm not usually all that impressed with that sort of thing. But watch pretty much any episode of QaF and you will be treated to a most delightful, and sexy, sight. Gale also does possibly the best Face of Scorn and Contempt I have ever seen (you get a hint of it in this picture - perhaps he was just told that Matt Damon is sexiest man alive?).

So: to recap. these are just a few of the truly sexy famous men out there. and People Magazine (or was it Teen People?) went and chose

matt damon.


Anonymous said...

Gale is definitely much, much, much hotter than Matt Damon. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the article you mention. Gale is AMAZING and Matt is a big yawn.

BTW, I *like* his name. :)

Ms. Place said...

If I may be so bold as to disagree (when I put Matt up as Eye Candy I received a firestorm of disagreement), Matt's intelligence, commitment to those he loves, and enormous talent are what make him sexy. Like Johnny Depp, he can carry a movie. His abs are chiseled, and in his on screen persona he exudes hard, steely power. I am positive that Matt will age well; whereas half the other pretty boys will go the way of Brad Pitt, looking tired and old and drawn and not so pretty once they hit the other side of forty. In my book, Matt rocks and I find his subdued intelligence sexy as hell.

ArtfulSub said...

It's gotta be Politics. Little Matty gives cash and mile-wide inch-deep verbal support to the Hollyweird Leftist cause-of-the-day.

If fellow midget Sean Penn wins next year, we'll KNOW it's rigged!


Marius said...

I disagree with artfulsub. It all boils down to facial symmetry and chiseled abs (for this magazine, that is).

Anyway, I was also surprised that they named Matt "sexiest man alive." I think he's cute, but I just don't see what others see in him. I agree with Ms. Place that he takes great care of his body; he is hot. There's no question about that. And he's an intelligent man. Still, I question giving him the title of "sexiest man alive."

Kate said...

Matt is a doll...but Sexiest Man? No, don't think so...