27 January 2008

shoulder pads

from the fabulous opalescent blog,
photos from spring couture shows. these two are from Gaultier's spring 2008 collection. got that? Gaultier. spring. 2008. couture.

Please note the rather extreme shoulder pads on both of these outfits.

now, kindly scroll down a bit to see the dress that got our chris auf'd in episode 4 (yes, I know he's back, but I NEVER felt good about his aufing in the first place. Ricky's crap was far, far more egregiously bad).

It's hard to tell from this photo (and I couldn't find a good frontal shot), but the biggest criticism of this was - ta-da! - the shoulder pads. The challenge was to "reinterpret" a past trend (and if Gaultier is showing shoulder pads, how past is this trend anyway), and the judges felt Chris used shoulder pads in his garment in a bad way. Michael Kors, I believe, was the one who said it looked like the jacket was still on a hanger.
Setting aside the fabric choice, which I actually kind of liked, but which everyone else has likened to sofa fabric - the silhouette of this little jacketlette is (to my admittedly untutored eye) very like the silhouettes Monsieur Gaultier just shuttled down the runway.
Is it okay because he's Gaultier, and our chris is, well, NOT Gaultier? Is it the color - does black make everything okay?
Hmmmm. This is a Fashion Mystery! but mostly, it's just more proof, for me, that Chris's aufing was the wrong one. I mean - did you SEE that heinousness that Ricky's team sent down the runway? oy. Gaultier isn't showing anything like THAT in his spring collection, I'll tell you that much.

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