22 February 2008

celebrity girls

Scarlett Johanssen, at the premiere of what looks like a pretty bad movie (The Other Boleyn Girl), looking like Rami got his hands on her fabric and DRAPED! DRAPED! DRAPED! with passion. because Rami told us, repeatedly, that he is passionate about draping.
Somehow, this silvery dress looks Scarlett look - erm - bulky around the middle. draping is not always such a good idea.

Natalie Portman costars with old Scarlett in this appalling-looking film, but showed up wearing a dress I liked a lot better. Still drapey - maybe Rami is on to something? I dunno....The weird twisty part on the skirt of natalie's dress is weird, but otherwise I think she looks FANTASTIC. I really, really, really love the color of this dress, and wish I had some clothes in that shade of burgundy-red. She also looks ever so much more elegant and glam than Scarlett, who looks like she's had a little too much to drink, and sat all rumply slouchy in the back of a limo for a couple of hours. But Natalie looks like she just came out of Venus's clamshell or something. Draped, of course, a la Rami, in this gorgeous red dress.

Then - Christina Ricci, who I have always liked, shows up somewhere looking like.....someone else. I hate this resurgence of bangs - they don't look cute on a lot of people (Heidi Klum, i am looking at YOU). Christina's face looks too think and too angular, and she looks too tanned and highlighted. brown-and-gold is allright, for what it is, but she always had such a great dark dark hair and pale skin look that suited her well. Here she looks like any other semi-tarty undergrad who can afford the tanning beds and highlights. I don't know if it's the bangs or what, but Christina's face is soooooo pointy! i liked her better with a fuller face. maybe she's had work done? who knows. i liked her better a few years back, though. Here - not so cute. I also don't like her dress, which reminds me weirdly of Kara Janx's "NYC inspiration" crosswalk dress from Project Runway 2. Kara Janx was called on the carpet for that dress too, by the way.

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