01 December 2007

things i don't understand

there are a lot of things i don't understand, but some puzzle me more than others:

Tila Tequila: who is she? why should i care? and why would anyone want a shot at love with her?

Movies with the premise that some hot actress can't get a date: i find these hard to believe. It's also hard to feel sorry for, say, Jennifer Aniston.

The Real Housewives of Orange County: i don't understand how people like that can exist. i understand even less why anyone would want to watch them. i guess it makes you, the viewer, feel superior, but i don't need to look at a bunch of dumb orange bunnies to feel smart. The Real Housewives should also be called The Terrible Mothers of Orange County.

Undergraduates who think it is okay to whip out their sidekicks and text away DURING CLASS. right in front of their instructor.

Why are the 80s back? I don't understand. Most of that shit looked bad the first time around. Second time around, it looks even worse.

Why people stopped wearing hats. Hats are sexy, they are cute, they are amazing accessories. WHY did hats fall out of fashion? And by hats I mean circa 1930s and 1940s. Little pillboxes and scraps of veiling and the occasional crushed-velvet flower. Fedoras and such for the gentlemen. I love hats and wish they would come back. And I HATE those newsboy caps that people wear. Ugh.

Speaking of which: when will Uggs go away? aren't they already out of style? so why do i see so many girls wearing them?

Project Runway this week: Who is Tiki Barber? Why should I care? Why did the designers pretend to be excited, then admit (in their 'confessionals') that they didn't know who he was? A roomful of queeny designers and punkrock chicks aren't Tiki Barber's target audience. Also, Mrs Barber was kinda.....well, let's just say she looks like a Bratz doll. And we won't even go INTO the hot mess that the designers sent down the runway. I thought Jack's (winning?) design was too stripy and hideously dull. Kit's preppie blazer look was my "favorite," a term which here means "didn't look like poop on a stick." The fleece blazer was a nifty choice.

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she said...

uggs? how about crocs! pile crocs and uggs and burn baby burn. ive seen the real housewives...didnt make me feel superior, made me worry that al qeada would see it...oh no wait, thats a GOOD thing. bye bye orange county cali. grrrerhahahahahaha!

i still wear hats...the ones with net over the face for an evening out. many many compliments. love them.