06 December 2007

what the bejesus?!?!?!?

I am the first person to admit to having little or no real solid fashion sense - I have no idea what's hot NOW. i realize my taste level may be questionable.

but tonight's Project Runway decision was - well, wrong. I LIKE Ricky, even, but his team's pieces looked like a 12-year old's dance recital costumes circa 1989.

And Chris - busted for having shoulder pads that "stuck out"! That "looked like it was on a hanger"!

I am young, but I am old enough to remember the 80s. and i know what shoulder pads are. How in god's name can you update shoulder pads, and make them relevant to today? OF COURSE the shoulder-padded jacket looked outdated; shoulder pads ARE outdated. How can you reinterpret the shoulder pad without making something costumey or 80s-looking?

i mean, the SHOULDER PAD?
are they kidding?


Trina H said...

I stayed up to watch that episode, too -

...and I couldn't believe they LIKED sweet pea's dress, but not Chris's.

And I loved that Ricky was sweet to the hippie girl, and I thought he made a fantastic team leader.

Victoria should have gotten the boot, for a variety of reasons.

Ms. Place said...

Thanks for your rant. If you read my post, you know that I think the wrong person was aufed. It should have been Victorya, as trina h said. And, like you, I like Ricky. My coworker, Branch H2O doesn't, but Ricky was forced into a corner this week. His dress was not half has bad as the judges said it was. Gaudy, yes. But that was his assignment - to make neon cut outs work. Oh, BTW, I included a link about shoulder pads. It seems Nina should start to read fashion magazines: in some circles, shoulder pads are haute couture.