23 January 2008

501 Blues

I do not know what I think of tonight's Project Runway. I am relieved beyond words that the horrible VictorYa is gone. Her "coat" tonight was a joke - sewing fabric to a ready-made jacket does NOT constitute design, or creativity, or anything good.

Christian's denim motocross outfit was cool, but again - skinny jeans and snug ruffled jacket (honey, we've SEEN this before). I loved the bottoms of the jeans he made, though - using the sleeves was inspired, especially since the cuff had the button detail and opening that was hot and boot-y and cool.

Jillian: Ho hum. you made that coat last week, and it looked better then.

Rami: flawlessly sewn but I didn't go WOW. Rami's clothes are always impeccable, but that does not make them interesting.

Chris: Little blue dress. I actually liked it. But what do I know?

Sweet P: good cover, Ms. P. Brava to you for listening to Mr Gunn.

Ricky: holy crap, dude! You made something that wasn't ugly! well done, Ricky! Try to control those tears, though. possibly you need to see a doctor about that.

This challenge was fine, although I think I would have liked it a little earlier on. I feel like I haven't seen much that is BEAUTIFUL on this season, and a lot of that is a result of the challenges (make things with hershey products? old jeans?). Can you just send the designers to Mood and tell them to make a dress for Nicky Hilton or something?

One other complaint, and this is a serious one: ENOUGH with the running challenges. This is the second one this season where physical speed and running affects your materials selection. It's terribly unfair to Chris, who is clearly NOT a runner, and it's uncomfortable to watch him lagging behind. The producers wouldn't force a designer in a wheelchair, or with some sort of prosthetic leg, to participate in a speed race - STOP MAKING THE FAT DUDE RUN! it's just not cool.

I think maybe I'll just keep watching season two over and over again. at least Santino had a personality (a prickly one, yes) that made for good tv. These designers just sit around and sew. BORRRRRING!


David Dust said...

Horrible, SourFace Victorya is gone!

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Kanani said...

Hey... I read your comments on Rungay.

I agree.
I was wondering (after watching all the submission videos) where all their creativity had gone? One example: Kevin did stuff for the rock and roll crowd --where was that atitude in his work? It was just missing?

Anyway, I wish they'd approach it like an MFA project where they can do anything until the big baddies weigh in. Go for it. Enjoy, be brave.

Kathy said...

You've just inspired me....

Library Diva said...

How come no one has mentioned my favorite moment on the whole show? After Ricky was given the win and the judges took turns throwing effusive praise his way, he did his typical Ricky by breaking down into tears. They could've just ignored it. It was so predictable they barely even needed to televise it. Instead, Heidi turned to him, and said with her terrific German accent:

What is up with you?

I laughed so hard at that. Heidi, the fans have been wondering that all season! Thank you SO MUCH for asking!