28 August 2007

design*star Toolbag Todd

as of Toolbag Todd hasn't butched it up enough by ripping off his tshirt at every chance, and performing vaguely xtreme-sport tricks (skateboarding, handstands, handsprings), his official Q&A on hgtv.com provides even more adolescent masculinity-posing:

Dream design project: Maxim magazine's headquarters.

ugh. ew. and icky.

but then Todd throws me for a loop, by claiming art deco and nouveau as two of his favorite design styles. by "nouveau," I'm assuming "art nouveau," although maybe there is a design style called nouveau that I don't know.

this hurts me. art nouveau is probably my very favorite style of anything ever, and deco is high on my list.

they're also stereotypically queer styles.

oh Todd. why must you confuse me so? Gay or Straight ?

answer: it doesn't matter because either way, he's still a toolbag!!!

1 comment:

Ms. Place said...

I thought he was hunky at first. Now I merely throw my shoes at the t.v. set and yell "Put on your shirt!"

Eww. Boyfriend needs to grow up. Fast.