26 August 2007

mom of the year

Okay, well, MY mom wins Mom of the Year every year hands down, but you know: I really admire Angelina Jolie (and now Brad Pitt's) parenting.
Those star-shaped sunglasses are, somehow, proof to me that this woman not only knows what she's doing with her kids, but loves doing it.

My sister and I got shaped glasses when we were little, too; mine were hearts, hers were blue stars exactly like these.

It's the little things; these kids get the big things, obviously, because their mom is loaded. But the little things are what makes me admire Jolie as a mom!

Also: star glasses are awesome!

1 comment:

Marius said...

I concur; star glasses are awesome. And Angelina does seem like a great mom. Now, I'm tempted to compare Angelina to Britney, but I won't. Let's just say I feel sorry for Britney's kids; I really do.