25 August 2007

raison d'etre

This is my new blog, meant to be a public, all-purpose, multi-functional blog. It's where I plan to drop my thoughts on Bravo shows, books, films, gardening, pop culture, the occasional snippet of politics, music and anything else that crosses my mind. This is not my introverty diaryesque blog, nor is it my "professional" blog (which is where I write about children's literature and related subjects).

The coral and bells is a seventeenth-century multifunctional toy and objet. Ostensibly, it served as a baby's rattle and teething stick, but it also signified wealth and status, and is an object of beauty in its own right. I chose coral and bells for my blog title because the coral and bells represents, and IS, so many things (then, and now when it is a rare object, found almost exclusively in museum collections).

welcome, and enjoy!


Marius said...

Well, it's about time. Welcome to the club. Also, thanks for the link. I've added your new blog to my blogroll. Aww, don't you feel special? :)

Ms. Place said...

I've scrolled through your blog. Love the whole concept. You're spot on with your assessment of Design Star.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. Have also added you to mine!

Welcome on board, dahling. Let the snark begin.