29 August 2007

a pointless historical crush

for awhile now, I've been mildly interested in the tv show M*A*S*H. i've seen one or two episodes, and was intrigued and amused, but more than that, the final episode of the show plays an important role in a book i love, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

two nights ago, I finally saw that episode, all 2+ hours of it.

and it confirmed my suspicions:

I have a massive, massive crush on Captain BJ Hunnicutt (played by Mike Farrell).

I do not have a crush on the current Mike Farrell, who at 68 is older than my own parents. I admire Farrell's political activism.

But the 70s Farrell, the one who plays Hunnicutt?

i can't explain it. I don't especially like mustaches. He's much more ... butch... than my usual "type." but somehow, he's just...beyond dreamy. And when he starts wearing black converse high-tops instead of army boots, it's even worse. That tall, lanky build (he's 6'3") is my ideal.

i want to watch all 174 episodes in which he appears.
over and over again.

weirdly, the internet features very few pictures of him - plenty of Mr Farrell as he appears now, but not so many as Hunnicutt.

this is very unfortunate.

I have never had a crush on someone from the past before. it is very strange, interesting, amusing, and mildly embarrassing.

but just LOOK at the man!
how hot is this???

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Ms. Place said...

Yup. Definitely yummy then. Don't be too embarassed. I kinda liked some of the 60's hunks in the old shows. These days some of them are older than Moses.