02 September 2007

flower dresses

i have decided i want three dresses made/designed (this is all In My Head, because i have neither the skills nor the cash to make this happen).

It might be tacky, cliche or lame to design dresses after flowers, but I frankly don't care.

Dress #1: the blue Morning Glory dress. shaped exactly like a morning glory, and colored like one as well. high neck in front, low-cut curved back. it would have to be made of something swirly and matte - not shiny satins. maybe chiffon? It wouldn't be a pouffy prom dress, no no no. But it would have full trumpet skirt, with the white and deeper shades of violet inset somehow, and the bodice would be that lovely white.

Dress #2: the Tulip Skirt. Picture a tulip. Invert it. there. make a skirt.
I'm thinking a shade of purple, maybe even a Queen of the Night tulip-color (see picture at right). The hemline would be asymmetrical just like the tulip is. I imagine the top would be a snug, simple bodice made of the same fabric as the skirt. maybe something that goes slightly off-the-shoulder? or just a simple scoopy v-neck, mimicking the point of the petals/skirt?

Dress #3: the Honeysuckle Dress.
short, narrower cut (A-line skirt at most). creamy white with that gorgeous peachy color as an accessory. I picture the main skirt coming no longer than knee-length, and being quite narrow (not quite a sheath, but close). The white would be a slightly heavier fabric (but still something very light, just not sheer). Then there would be loose, narrow floating panels of that peachy/yellowy color that would stream loose from the waist or back. The dress would be sleeveless, with more of the peachy "streamers" draping down. I'd have a really elaborate hairstyle, possibly even some kind of tiny hat, with some sort of vertical element to mirror the stamens of the honeysuckle.

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trixie said...

These are wonderful dress ideas taken from fabulous design inspirations. Start a sketch book. If you haven't already.