12 September 2007

top chef/music blogging

Au revoir, CJ! i enjoyed your tallness. i liked your sense of humor. also your tallness (i like tall lanky guys, okay?). and you seemed like a decent sort.

too bad about those broccolini things. bummer. but you're a champ.

Okay - yeah, I got not much for Top Chef anymore. the challenges seem - well, overly challenging. how does it really test these chefs to prepare airplane food? they already had the bertoli prepackaged food challenge....do they really need another? and cooking in unfamiliar, cramped quarters? how does that legitimately test a chef's cooking abilities?

I feel like the commercials during the show were more captivating and colorful. even darling bourdain couldn't perk things up.

That said, I acquired the song from the new iPod nano ad as soon as the show ended. i have an "old school" nano in original black and i'm not in the market for the new one. but the song in the ad is catchy and appealing. it's called "1234" and it is by Feist.

and i like it. so there!


Ms. Place said...

Agreed. This show is fizzling fast. Last season's huge blow up between Marcel and Ilan kept things lively, and the sheer talent in Season One kept the show interesting. What do we have this season? Pressure on Bravo to keep a woman in the game. Well, neither is the most talented of the bunch, so what's that saying about the future of this competition?

Marius said...

Yeah, I had high hopes that Bourdain would bring this episode to life. I know; I'm a foolish dreamer. The man is a great personality, but he's not a miracle worker. The suits at Bravo need to get their act together.