17 September 2007

a winner!

After an excruciating reunion show, in which SparkleJosh's reference to Tammy Faye was the highlight, Ms Fabulous Kim was announced the winner of hgtv's Design*Star 2.

I voted for her, of course! Mainly because of all the designers after Sparkle, she was the only one whose personality was not merely watchable, but actually enjoyable. She's cute, funny, clever, crafty and I think she'll make a lovely host.

Some of Kim's rooms were - not as fabulous. Way Newton's guesthouse kitchen (above) in which she was yoked to the heinous Robb, is not fabulous (or finished). As everyone as noted, the furniture was not well balanced. But she chose a great buffet, and I loved the tile-look mirrors she chose, as well as the wall color.

Her "deserving" design, the "rustic livingroom" at the right, was - well, let's face it: she had shit-all to work with from the beginning. Her challenge was enormous, and she had some limitations placed on her (the family did not want a hard wood or laminate floor, for instance). I like the colors she chose, and the addition of a dining space was a lovely, thoughtful touch.

This is "sumptuous simplicity," from the dollar-store challenge (which was kind of a crappy one, I think; I resented very much that the spaces were more art piece - they didn't need to be functional. wtf?). I have to say: I really like what Kim did here. It shows real ingenuity and creativity, along with some real artistic, or craftistic, ability. The rice-and-peas "rug" is genius. The paper plate "leaves" on the walls are great. I LOVE the shades of brown and pink she chose. And the coffee table "mosaic" is brilliant; i'm contemplating a similar paint trick in a small space in my own house. It was a weird challenge, but I think Kim managed to pull off some REALLY strong elements (with a few weaker ones, admittedly). I like this space!

And the finale, the Hawaiian daydream suite! Kim excelled here, she really did. And compared to the Hammerhead Shark and Jellyfish "decor" next door, Kim was absolutely a shoo-in for winner.
My favorite elements in this space? I loved the wooden cutouts she used (you can see some reflected in the mirror above the sofa). I LOVE the palette she used - that aqua-and-chocolate in the kitchenette is to die for. And the rich tangerine on the wall is well set off by the more sedate browns of the room. It wasn't a hysterical burst of color; it was a thoughtful mix of colors that ended up looking both very Hawaiian-vacation-fun AND luxurious. Even though her room divider was unfinished, the idea is great. and i'm inclined to cut slack on things like that, especially since it's only in close-ups that it's visible. And you know in a real world project, it would never be left undone.

anyway, Kim is a totally fabulous choice, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing her new show in the spring! (I must say, I hope it's better than what poor sweet darling David Bromstad has been reduced to.....).

Many congratulations to KIM!!!!!


Ms. Place said...

Yup, Kim should have won and I'm glad she did. None of the designers this season truly wowed me. Kim is on a steep learning curve, and I suspect HGTV will teach her some valuable design lessons before her show airs in spring.

Marius said...

I managed to catch a few episodes, and I always liked Kim. I'm glad she won. However, I agree with Ms. Place; the designers were not impressive.