10 September 2007

kim ftw

(image taken from cuteoverload.com)

Kim! Kim! Kim!

come on, her final design is lovely - I'd be delighted to stay there, in her tropical punch suite. the aqua and brown are a favorite color combo of mine.
I'll do a full blather about this episode, but I LOVE the wooden cut-outs on the left in this photo (against the orange). The placement, the shapes themselves, all of it: gorgeous. I even love the screen she built to divide the seating from the kitchen area.

Todd's suite has a drawing of a hammerhead shark in it.

this one is a no-brainer.

VOTE FOR KIM! voting closes at noon on wednesday (est), so hit the polls! I still haven't figured out how to send text messages so i'm stuck with once-a-day internet voting, but for those with textability, VOTE!

1 comment:

Ms. Place said...

No doubt about it, Kim got my vote. She created a grown up place: Todd is an original, and I think he will make a gazillion creating spaces for kids.