12 September 2007

Jeff Lewis' Open House

Tonight's "Open House" hosted by that eternal irritant Andy Cohen (GET RID OF HIM AS A HOST PLEASE) was okay. It confirmed my sense that Jeff Lewis excels at sarcasm and deadpan humor. and i LOVE THAT.

I was also intrigued to notice that Jenni was listed as "series consultant" in the credits.

Nottingham turned out so beautifully; I felt a little sad that Ryan and Chloe are having to move out already.

But here's my issue: WHERE THE HELL WAS MY BOWMAN??????
they showed him in clips from the show.
but never once mentioned his name, nor did he appear in the special (though everyone else from the show's credits DID - even Zoila and the Trash Guy).

I will really miss that show. I hope it comes back for more.

and for the record, I don't think Jeff's lips are all that weird.

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