18 September 2007

queer as folk

I stumbled upon Queer as Folk a month or so ago, on late-night logo tv. I'd never seen the show, since cable only happened to me in the last year. But I watched an episode, and liked it, plus I was tickled pink that it's set in Pittsburgh (fyi: the queer as folk pittsburgh is not much like the real place. brian's loft, the industrial settings - yes. Debbie - HELLS YES. her house is spot on. but throngs of gay folks nuzzling down a rainbow-flagged street? nope on a rope. at least none I've ever seen. also: it's sort of goofy that the main "queer district" in the show is Liberty Avenue. I am sure this seems like an idealistic cliche [why not just have them live on Queen Street? Or Freedom Boulevard) BUT: Liberty Avenue is actually a major Pittsburgh thoroughfare (east and west liberty ave. some of it cuts through the "little italy" of bloomfield. some through the Strip District, which is repurposed industrial space).

ANYWAY: i am HOOKED on this show. Yesterday I committed the very foolish error of renting the complete Fourth Season dvds from the library. Eventually, I plan to watch all the seasons. but Logo is currently running episodes from the fourth/fifth season, so I am not totally out of the loop.

I LOVE this show. I love everyone on it. and let's face it, the love/sex scenes are super hot. yesterday was a horribly distracting scene between Michael and Ben that was surprisingly (to me) graphic. it was steamy.

but i like the show. i like what I know of gay culture and the queer community. I don't like the obligatory lesbian couple on the show; they seem sort of smarmy. and - yes, i know sexy lesbians abound, but all the lesbians I'VE ever known looked a little more....dykeish than Mel and Lindsey.

I am in total love with Peter Paige. I adore Emmett. I like Debbie a lot - she's very familiar to me, as a child of two rust belt cities. I am puzzled by alpha-male Brian, and Justin. I need to see more episodes to try to understand how that works. Ted annoys the shit out of me. I can't stand the way he talks. I love Shanda Leer. Holy hell!

yeah. it's a great show. I can't speak to the realities of being a gay man in Pittsburgh (or anywhere else). but it's such a wonderfully drama-tv show that i can't help but watch it.

I saw the "Faerie" episode yesterday, and laughed my ass off. it was so great - i went to a very hippie college (we had a yurt!) and so the Faerieness of the fairies was recognizable and amusing to me.

Oh, and Robert Gant as Ben is a dream. I love that he's a professor/intellectual. LOVE it. and i love that his partner Michael owns a comic book store.

Queer as folk: a very good idea!


Marius said...

but all the lesbians I'VE ever known looked a little more....dykeish than Mel and Lindsey

LOL. Oh, cb, I love your blog. Anyway, yes, I was hooked on QAF since it first aired (circa 2000). It's based on the UK show by the same name. The UK original is superior, but the American version is more polished and sexually charged.

My favorite character is Brian. I know Gale Harold isn't the best actor of the bunch, but I love him as Brian Kinney. Ah, great memories. :)

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and buy the dvds-the first and second season are cheap right now. Logo cuts out all the swearing and sex-it's worth it to watch it intact and not butchered. It's an amazing show and IMO the best show that was ever on TV.

Ms. Place said...

Never saw the show. Now you have me intrigued.